"Einmal mehr in die Luft gehängt"

(Once more hanged-out into the air),
Mini Installation, 80x84x24 cm, photo, carton, thread, adhesive tape

"La ciudad perdida"

(The last city)
, 1998,
Photo-Collage-Drawing, 84x60 cm, plastic, photo, waterproofed pen

"pull in pull out - the movable architecture"

Photo laminated, 78x144 cm

"free fall into space"

Installation, ca 300x350x180 cm, mixed media, photo on perspex with wood-construction,
metal railing, metal plate with text cut out, paint, thread


(Waiting room)
, 1998,
Photo laminated, 180x100 cm
(*) Concept: Christine Tauber, Photo: Roy Taylor